The Reproductive Justice Community Advisory Board (RJ CAB) was established to advise the University of Utah Family Planning Division regarding contraceptive research, clinical care, and advocacy. The Family Planning Division strives to provide care and conduct research through a Reproductive Justice framework, recognizing that individuals have a right to have a child, to not have a child, and to parent the children they have in safe and healthy environments. The RJ CAB seeks a diverse group of members who belong to different communities in Utah and who are able to commit to two years of service on the board.

The RJ CAB meetings will be held at the Sorenson Unity Center in Salt Lake City. The RJ CAB will meet every other month for two hours. RJ CAB members will be compensated for their time. Dinner, childcare, and travel assistance will be provided at every meeting. Accommodations for board members who live in other areas of Utah will be available (video conferencing, travel assistance).

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